Faithful Evangelist Award

Ray Bennett was presented the “Faithful Evangelist Award” from the Christian Restoration Association at the Delmarva Family Camp on July 10. In 1959, Ray became a CRA evangelist and held revivals all over the country. His ministry continued as he not only held revivals but helped start several churches in his home area of the Delmarva peninsula. He preaches, as he says, “heaven high, hell deep, shot-gun barrell straight.” Ray is still holding many meetings a year as well as directing the Delmarva Family Camp. The DFC often has attendances that reach over 600. His faithful partner in life, Gyneth, travels with him and shares in the ministry. For the last several years she has been fighting cancer. Prayers are requested for them.

The award was presented by CRA trustee David Frye and the CRA director upon the unanimous approval of the CRA trustees. Harvey Bream spoke for all of the trustees when he said that “no one (ever) questioned his faith, his love for the Lord, His word, and people. This award is long overdue.”

(Copied from the October 2012 Restoration Herald)